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We are the best choice  for those who want the health and fitness benefits of specialized personal training. Commit to us and your own well-being and we commit to you.

COMMITMENT is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their health and fitness goals through our exhilarating non-contact, HIIT cardio boxing and contact self-defense training. Our personal training programs are built from real professional boxing and martial arts techniques that are designed for individuals of all levels of fitness to increase strength, speed and stamina, tone and build muscle and obtain skill sets that increase one’s overall life preparedness.  

Whether you join our cardio boxing fitness program or self-defense training, we are COMMITTED to motivating our clients to continuously raise their own bar by breaking down false boundaries that limit the mind. Our personal training sessions are distinctive, intense, exhilarating, fun and  produce measurable results! We believe that “Health Is Wealth” and the initial building block that affords clients the opportunity to live their very best lives.



Vernon Lynch is the founder of COMMITMENT Cardio Boxing and Self Defense. He is a former professional boxing coach, 5th Degree black belt and 30 year veteran of the martial arts community. His training is in the discipline of the Vee Arnis Jitsu system which is a dynamic form of close quarters combat for adults of all walks of life as well as law enforcement and business owners. Vernon has designed the exhilarating workouts for the Cardio Boxing and the Self Defense program in a way that amplifies all combat training no matter the level or experience of the participant.